Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Putting on mummu's shoes, getting ready to "ski"

Instead of mowing the lawn I just turned the sheep loose on it.  They did a nice job cleaning up the flowerbeds as well.

Colder weather calls for warm hats.

Carrots from the garden

Autumn colors. 

It was an unusually balmy evening for October so we decided to eat our supper outdoors.  The menu included grilled lake trout, garden potatoes, and a salad of spinach an tomatoes fresh from the garden.  

Rye crisp, imported from Finland filled out the simple menu.

It was absolutely delicious.

Coffee, ice cream and crushed strawberries.  A fitting way to conclude our last picnic of the year.  The weather was about to change.

Everyone contently chewing their cud.

Digging potatos.  I first turned them up with potato fork in the foreground and Marja raked  with her hand tool.

We picked up three 50 sackfulls of potatoes.

Our spuds were supersized this year.

Sunset comes much earlier these days.

Road Trip to Trolland and Back

Walking in the park at Howell

These birds were pretty tame

Somebody likes to swing!

And swing!

Back into the chariot!

Looks like Momma and Daddy are getting tired.

Cardboard shipping crates make wonderful houses.

I'm getting sleepy too.

On the way back we stopped in Marquete to see our other granddaughters, including the youngest one.

A warm and sunny day in the park

Ready to slide

Me too!


Big girls know how to climb!

I'm a big girl too!

Just wait until I learn how to crawl!

Grandpa turned the teeter totter into a rodeo ride for the girls.


Climbing the tire dragon's back

Imagine the size of the truck that these came from. 

Mummulassa - At Grandmother's House

Somebody just woke up

Fish sticks for lunch

Coffee Break
Story time

Drawing pictures

Cyclocross at the Farm

Sam decided that the XC course would make an excellent cyclocross course as well and invited a bunch of local bikers for an informal race.  Brother Mik started out fast and led the first lap.

Sam hopping a barrier

Red Jacket  coming down the field.

In the pines

Nearing the Finish

Good race, said the moon.