Friday, December 8, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Deer Hunting - a defining cultural ritual of the Copper Country. During deer season men greet each other with "You get your buck yet?"  The fortunate few casually remark,  "Yeah, I got a little (2-4 )pointer / a nice (6-10) pointer."  Anything above 10 points you only say "Yeah, I got one" and wait until you are asked "How many points."  Unsuccessful hunters have to stifle their envy and try to look happy for another's good fortune.  Etiquette dictates that you never  appear too pleased or displeased with your luck. 

First ski of the season.

Story time.

David skating in his WWII vintage army coat.


Hmmm...this tastes funny.
Thanksgiving meal - turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, etc, etc.

Some were selective

Getting down to some serious eating.

All six in one  picture.  They didn't stay still very long.
Uncle Sam and Aunt Amanda reading a story.
Coming back from the sheepyard.
The pond was covered with a sheet of water after a rain.
After many unsuccessful years I finally got lucky.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sledding on the Pond

Times have changed
We used to play hockey on the pond

But then these little girls all came along
And now we have even more fun

Sometimes we pull
Sometimes we just give a hard push

In a few years we'll have a new hockey team.

The Streak Continues - Six of Six!

The picture says it all.

This little girl made her mother work real hard,

But she sure was worth it!

After five sons Marja-mummu now has six grandaughters. 

The best job I've ever had.

Big sister was so excited that we had to close the door to avoid disturbing the other mothers.

Butchering Lambs

Each year we butcher a few lambs at home.  In case you are wondering, I dispatch the lambs mercifully, without stress. 
The lambs are hung from hooks on a 2x2

After skinning and gutting them, I hang the lambs in the garage and then cut and package the meat the following day.

It was a cold day, but when you are working on a hot animal your hands stay warm.
Once I have skinned the animal to this point I tie a rope around the hide
And back up the tractor.
The hide peels off cleanly with much less effort - this is trick that a lot of deer hunters use.

First Snow

And so it begins.....

One of Santa's elves

Someone doesn't like to wear socks indoors.

Sure feels good to lay in front of the stove after a hard day.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Putting on mummu's shoes, getting ready to "ski"

Instead of mowing the lawn I just turned the sheep loose on it.  They did a nice job cleaning up the flowerbeds as well.

Colder weather calls for warm hats.

Carrots from the garden

Autumn colors. 

It was an unusually balmy evening for October so we decided to eat our supper outdoors.  The menu included grilled lake trout, garden potatoes, and a salad of spinach an tomatoes fresh from the garden.  

Rye crisp, imported from Finland filled out the simple menu.

It was absolutely delicious.

Coffee, ice cream and crushed strawberries.  A fitting way to conclude our last picnic of the year.  The weather was about to change.

Everyone contently chewing their cud.

Digging potatos.  I first turned them up with potato fork in the foreground and Marja raked  with her hand tool.

We picked up three 50 sackfulls of potatoes.

Our spuds were supersized this year.

Sunset comes much earlier these days.