Friday, December 16, 2016

Late November

With a layer of snow on the ground it was time to burn the brushpile.

The ice on the pond wasn't strong enough to skate on.  I walked out on it, heard a loud crack, and walked back to shore.

This year I wanted to use my brown ram Ragnar to breed the ewes, so I needed to isolate my other ram, Gunnar.  I covered his pen with burlap so that he would not be able to see Ragnar sporting with the harem.

The cattle panels take quite a beating, but this year Gunnar did not break out.

Ragnar had the ewes to himself for 16 days before I let Gunnar free again.  As you can see in the picture, rams like to rub their horns against saplings like bucks do in the fall.

Fire fascinates us.  Nothing draws a crowd like a burning building.

It both is beautiful and frightening.

And powerful.  A good servant, but a bad master.

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