Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Getting Ready for a Wedding

Marja making a quilt using my mother's woven panels.  My mother, Toini Kilpela, was a skilled handweaver and had woven dozens of these samplers.  She intended to make quilts for each of her five gransdsons as wedding gifts.  However, by the time Mikael, the first of our sons to get married,  set his wedding date, Alzheimer's had robbed Toini of her ability to sew.  At this juncture  Marja literally picked up the pieces and sewed up the quilt.  Since then she has sewn four others and fulfilled my mother's dream.  This is the final one.  I am sure that Toini is smiling.

Adding the final touches.
Deanna cutting strawberries for the wedding cakes. Jonathan and Alina couldn't wait for our strawberries to ripen, so we had to use store bought ones.

At the post rehearsal cookout.  Chef David grilling kebobs.

Our newest daughter-in-law Alina with her mom Laura and maid of honor Rebecca.

Lots of good food....

...and plenty of good laughs.

You gain so much when your sons marry.  You get beautiful daughters (that you didn't have to raise), grandchildren to spoil, and a whole new extended family.  I feel truly blessed.

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