Friday, January 15, 2016

Pond Hockey Playoffs

Playing for the coveted Kilpelan Kuppi, both both teams suited up  experienced veterans and talented rookies for the Saturday Finals.

Don't let the girlie skates fool you...

...tough girls don't wear hats.

Loose puck!

The old dog steals the puck...

sweeps up the right wing...

..and dekes out the hapless defenders to score!

The disgusted goalie sweeps the puck out of his net, while the shattered defenders try to switch to offense.

The referee called icing!

Fast and furious...

Jonathan digs for the puck, trying to keep his team in the game..

..and tries to penetrate the Mannerheim line

...but loses the puck to Bro Dave


Dave sporting his Canadian tux.

Dangerous Dan wearing books, acceptable for goalies under the World Pond Hockey Federation rules

End to end action kept the crowd on its feet all afternoon.

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