Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Walk in the Woods

These all-terrain baby strollers sure beat the kind we had when our kids were small.

It was a warm morning, but cool in the woods.  This path is actually a stretch of single-track that I made for mountain biking.

It has also served me as a deer hunting path.

Littler red riding hood.

Ilkka tagged along.

Cats aren't the best hikers.

Out of the shade into the hot sun.

Soon after this point Ilkka ran out of gas and I had to carry him home.  Carrying a cat on a hot day isn't something you would like to do often.  Once we got home I threw him into the pond to cool off.  His head never went under water and he was back on the shore in seconds.  He spent the next hour licking himself dry.

It was a warm day.

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