Monday, April 6, 2015

Winter Continues...

David's new hobby, making Finnish puukko knives.  He buys the blades, then makes the handles and the sheathes.

When you blow snow, the snow blows.

This winter Marja and I began reading Kalle Paatalo's 25 volume autobiography in Finnish.  Currently I am midway through book 7.  Did I mention that he is an interesting writer?

Powdery snow.

Sam cutting Deanna's birthday cake.

Go ahead and try; you cannot make a better cake than Marja's Finnish taytekakkua.

Actually we celebrated David's birthday as well.

David making a point.

Although this was a much milder winter compared to last year, we still got some chilly mornings.

Even without the thermometer, the way the snow sticks to the trees tells you that this is a very cold day.

The warmest spot in the house.

How does a fox manage to get itself killed by two huskies that are contained in a pen?  By climbing in, of course.  One clever fox.

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