Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Jonathan feeding the sheep.  The previous two winters the snow reached the top of the woven wire fence,  I had to add a couple more strands of barbwire to keep the dogs, coyotes and wolves from hopping over.  Yes, we have seen a wolf now and then in the field.

A misty morning

Ilkka blends in with the sheepskin.  Once I almost sat on him.

We have three thermometers that give different readings.  This one was a little high.

Remote starters are a decadent luxury.  Press a button and voila, as long as you have a good battery, the old hoss fires right up.  On this particularly frosty morning the exhaust formed a low flying cloud.

-28 F, the coldest morning of the year.  Once Lake Superior froze over we enjoyed some of that sunny clear Canadian weather.

I periodically give the sheep pine and spruce boughs for them to munch on.  They seem to enjoy them.  I chewed on a few pine needles as an experiment and had to spit for awhile to get the bitter taste out of my mouth.

Plowing the farm driveway.

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