Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Anneli Comes for a Visit

It's hard to resist taking a picture of the moon when it's full.  There's something about of full moon that makes me restless.  There's a feeling that you should go outside and accomplish some great thing or pursue some deep insight or purpose.  Of course that never really happens, but there's something bewitching about moonlight.  There's a Finnish saying that if a person has a touch of insanity it will come out under a full moon. The moon rises about 52 minutes later each evening so you need to catch it before your bedtime.  The moon orbits about 5 degrees out of the plane of the earth's equator, not in the plane of the earth's orbit around the sun.  That's why the moonrise jumps around so much.  For instance, in the fall it can rise in the northeast  when the sun is rising much further to the south.  It's good to know this stuff because it makes you seem smarter than you are.  More importantly, learning is just plain fun.  A curious mind is never bored.

So anyway, this post really isn't about the moon.  We hadn't seen our granddaughter Anneli for a few months and she had grown a lot.  However she did have a cold and was a little under the weather.

Ilkka had a cold too, but they got along well.  I didn't know that cats could catch colds, but now I do.  He didn't even want to chase a string.


Not really feeling up to snuff...

That's better.

I believe we will soon have another piano player in the family.

What are those big wooly animals?


Mik horsing around with Gunnar.

We have to spread the hay in small piles so that Gunnar won't hog all of it.

Not sure if I want to play in the snow today.

That's better.

Four generations.

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