Saturday, January 10, 2015


Cyclocross is kind of like mountain biking on a road bike.  It is a spectator friendly short course race invented in Europe for the muddy fall season to give racers a different way to punish themselves.  This day happened to be dry, but the temperature was in the 30's and the wind was cold.

The course contains several barriers where the riders have to perform a running dismount and remount.  Having a smooth technique is important to maintain your speed.

Part of the course is smooth, giving a cyclocross bike a speed advantage over a mountain bike.

Because the race consists of many laps of a relatively short course, spectators get to watch the racers progress from many points along the course.

Snaking through the S curves.

Pounding up the field.

Busting through the weeds.

Hopping over the barriers

One more lap to go...

Mike bringing it home  (Not really, kid in the checkered shirt caught Mik before the end, but we won't have to tell.)

A strong finish for the hometown crowd.

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