Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas 2014

Auntie Deanna

Illka watching the "Copper Range" line.

Opening presents on Christmas morning.

Loaves rising and vacation loafing.

Ilkka and Laku had a good time "attacking" each other

  Marja took this picture.  The lines, the color and the quality of the light give it a particularly evocative feeling.

Dang!  He got the pillow again!

Apres ski

Ragnar reaching up for a spruce bough.  Our sheep find conifer needles very tasty in winter and I frequently provide them with spruce and pine boughs.

Arctic air returned after New Years.  The wind-blown snow has formed deep overhangs on our roof.

But no matter how cold and stormy it gets, our little friends never leave us.

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