Saturday, January 10, 2015

A December Thaw

After a very cold and very snowy November, December went mild on us.

Marja enjoys reading in the warmest room in our house - the one with the parlor stove.

Ilkka also enjoys literary pursuits.

I discovered the secret to fleshing a lambskin is a good fleshing beam and a drawknife.

When Jonathan picked up the Christmas lights he did not notice that one string had "cool" bulbs.

Brer Coyote has been hanging around all year.

The big thaw deepened as the Christmas approached...

...making us wonder if we had a green Christmas coming, which would have been a historic first for the Copper Country.  Hurricanes are more common up here.

I'm dreaming of a foggy Christmas...

Fortunately Heikki Lunta woke up from his nap and got back to work.

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