Thursday, October 9, 2014

Summer 2014

I decided to expand the hayshed to include a shelter for the sheep during storms and during the lambing season.

First Strawberries

Tom and Ray checking out the sheep.

Amy and friends

Bill unloading hay

Altogether I got more than 100 bales of leafy second-cut hay which Bill had stored in his barn.

It's always a good feeling to get your hay in the barn because haymaking is so weather dependent.

Grandpa piled all these block by himself.

And helped operate the woodsplitter which he had built himself.

Sully helped me get three more loads of hay from Forsman's farm. Working with hay is hot, sweaty work, but you really want to wear long sleeves when you're throwing bales.  Otherwise you get all kinds of little scratches on your forearms.

Sully has hayfever, but he was a great help.  Thanks, bud.

With over 200 bales in the hayshed, we celebrated by making a trip to Marquette to see Mik, Jeni and Anneli.  Mik took me out on the South Trails for a great mountain bike ride.

Off course, the main event was seeing Anneli.

Some of our neighbors.

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