Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Mother's Burial

It was a beautiful, but chilly day in late May.

Pastor Chuck.

Marja sang.

My aunt Tuovi placing flowers on her sister's casket.

Paula, Tuovi and Duane

89 years.  My mother had a long life and touched many lives around her.  She was an intelligent, spirited woman who loved to talk, tell stories and laugh.  She loved to read and wasn't afraid to speak her mind. It wasn't until after her death that I learned an interesting fact about her from her sister Tuovi- she had graduated first in her class at the Kahler Institute of Nursing in Rochester Minnesota, one of the premier nursing schools in the country.  I think the fact that she never mentioned this tells you something about her.  Her focus was outward, not inward.  She didn't make a big deal about herself.

The South Range Cemetery is especially beautiful in May.

Dust to Dust...but She has stepped into LIFE!

MAY 2014

Magna Cum Laude.  Ever the competitor, Jonathan graduated first among his brothers.

Splitting wood the old fashioned way.

The old tire holds the block up.

Tuovi and Paula

Feeding the sheep.  Because of our long winter and late spring I ran out of hay and had to get more.

This is what  you do when you're little and the big sheep push you out of the way.

Why is everyone smiling?

Because smiles are contagious, and this little girl knows how to smile!

Anneli with her great, great aunt, Tuovi.