Friday, April 25, 2014

April 2014

April 11
Grandpa shoveled out his own path.  Not bad for a 93 year old.

Helga with her new lambs.

Ilkka is always looking for a comfortable spot.

April 16. Jonathan skate skiing on spring crust.

Grandpa walking on it.


Anneli Sofia Kilpela brought spring with her.

Marja Mummu

This was worth waiting for.  Life doesn't get any better than this.

  I used to think that nothing could top seeing my own chidlren born, but this might be even better.


Proud Parents, Mik and Jeni.

Home at last.

I kind of like it here...

Anneli's First Birthday Party.  Marja made the her tradition Finnish cake with strawberries and whipped cream.  No point in waiting a year to celebrate your birthday.  Might as well celebrate the first one right away.

Grandma Jewell holding her jewel.

April Fools Us

March 30.  Finally a real thaw!  The mat on our driveway  was breaking up so removed it with my plow and my tractor.

April 4.  Another foot and a half of snow.  

Business as usual..

April 5 dawned clear and sunny.  It took me a couple of hours to blow out grandpa's driveway.  He has had significant drifting this winter.

Opening the path to the hayshed.

This is getting ridiculous!

March Goes out Like a Lamb?

March 27.  Vappu had a twelve pound lamb the day before.

Business as usual.  Another snowstorm.

March 28

Snow covered trees are beautiful...

...but after four solid months of snow laden trees, you start looking for a bit of melting.

The path to the sheepyard.

A Milestone

Toini J. Kilpela, 89, a longtime resident of Atlantic Mine, died on Thursday, March 13, 2014, at the Houghton County Medical Care Facility in Hancock.
She was born on February 17, 1925, in Tapiola, Mich., to Finnish immigrants, Juho and Adolfiina (Peltola) Wiitala.
Toini was the youngest of three children and was born in the sauna on the family farm, which was customary among Finnish settlers of that time. Although her father worked in the Champion Mine in Painesdale, the family also kept a small herd of dairy cows. Daily chores included milking and feeding the cows, and during the summers all members of the family helped out with the haymaking.
Toini attended the John A. Doelle School in Tapiola and graduated in 1943. In February 1944, she was accepted into nursing school at the Kahler Hospital in Rochester, Minn., from which she received her RN certificate in 1947. During the fall of that year she moved to Detroit, where she got a job with the Detroit Dept. of Public Health as a public health nurse. Later, she worked at Ford Hospital in Detroit.
On New Year’s Day in 1949, she married Tauno B. Kilpela, a South Range native who wanted to move back to the Copper Country. They did so in 1950 and soon after bought an old farm outside of Atlantic Mine, where they made their home.
Toini initially did some private duty nursing at the St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hancock, but after the births of her two children, Karla in 1951, and Don in 1954, her nursing efforts were confined to the needs of her children and parents.

Toini was a member of the Range Apostolic Lutheran Church in South Range and regularly attended various bible studies over the years. She was a skilled hand weaver and a member of the Buellwood Weavers Guild. Her hobbies included bowling and reading. She read continually, everything from murder mysteries to history and politics. Toini was a people person and loved to talk and tell stories. She was also very active physically. For over thirty years, she and Tauno went for daily walks, bike rides or cross-country ski outings, depending on the season. Her home was a place where visitors were welcome, and her guests were always well fed. One of Toini’s greatest joys was to watch her five grandsons grow up. She was very proud of them.


It was a sad day, but it was a glad day also.  The strife is oer, the victory won...


March 2014

 March 2, almost 20 below.

Once the big lake froze over, we saw much more sunshine, but also colder weather.

Off for a slow skijor with Kalevi & Savu.

Post run.

March 3.  It gets even better!

Sam came home for spring break.  Fueling up in the morning for a day of  skiing and snowboarding.