Friday, December 6, 2013

Late Fall

Grandpa raking his leaves with his garden tractor.

The last color of the season.

My new feeders keep the sheep from trampling and wasting hay.
I had to burn a brush pile, and it was a good time to dispose of an old dilapitated doghouse.


Thanksgiving Dinner

The beautiful deceptive lull before real winter sets in.

Ilkka holding a winning

The losers.

Ilkka wanted to show Laku a few card tricks, but Laku wasn't buying it.


Warming up after a chilly hike to Lookout Mountain.

First skijor of the season

Winter sets in for real.  It always feels a bit overwhelming at first when you get consecutive days of heavy snowfalls, courtesy of Lake Superior.

Jonathan blowing out grandpa's driveway.