Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Bounty

Our pumpkin vines have grown luxuriantly.  Every morning there are bright new flowers, which apparently wilt by evening.

The corn has been invaded and overwhelmed by the pumpkins, but still seems to be producing ears.  The Inidans commonly planted corn, squash and beans together - the "Three Sisters."

Our beets and carrots did well despite the persistantly wet soil we had this year.

You gotta love something that grows as exhuberantly as these pumpkin vines. Hopefully they can produce ripe pumpkins as well as foliage.

Our meat chickens are growing well.  We just buy a mixed batch of traditional breeds, not the specialized meat breeds that grow so fast that they die from broken legs and congestive heart failure.  That, by the way, is what you get in a grocery store.

Vappu has been a good mother and raised a pair of healthy ram lambs, now almost as big as their mother.

One brown and one black.

Gunnar's horns are well into their second spiral.  He is still up to his old tricks of butting everyone out of his way when he wants something and trying to catch me with my back turned.  I don't trust him, but I really am fond of him.  I mean, how can you not love an animal that is always friendly to your face and would like to launch you into flight when your back is turned?  I find that hilarious.

Swiss chard in the backyard garden.  I sautee a skilletfull of this every morning to eat with my pastured eggs and old country rye toast (with a layer of homemade strawberry jam).

Our backyard blueberry bushes have started producing.  I'm hoping my other plantings will  do as well.

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