Thursday, June 27, 2013

David's and Deanna's Wedding

This is the church...

This is the steeple...

Open the door...

...but where are the people?

Oh, here come some!

Now we're cooking, here are  David and Deanna with her nieces and nephews.

...and her sisters

and parents, Peter and Janet Larson.

Pete and I played basketball together back in high school.  The first year I think we won only one or two games.  Pete was an excellent ball handler though.

The Kilpela bros.

Tauno Kilpela, 92 and still going strong.

I am a very lucky man.  I have four beautiful daughters and I didn't have to raise any of them.  Keep loving each other, girls.  You are gifts to each other.

Lasse, Jeni & Mik

Bete Gris.  Mt. Houghton in the backround.

Jakala, reindeer moss.

Deanna's grandparents,  _ and Ray Larson.

Guests arrived by boat.

Tuovi Kinnunen and Steve Yambor walk the plank.


Rev. Eskola

Here she comes!

This has to be a hard moment for any father.  I never had to give any daughters away, I've just been accumulating them.

I noticed that the ring bearer didn't actually bear the ring.

Flower girls sometimes have issues...

I take thee....

Take my word for it, there's a ring in there somewhere.

Daniel and Gwen sang.

Mr. and Mrs. David Kilpela

Marja wore her national costume, as she has at all of our sons' weddings.  It was perhaps especially fitting in this setting.

A lighthouse wedding.

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