Monday, March 11, 2013

Hoof Trimming

Gunnar gets a manicure.  The sheeps' hooves need to be periodically trimmed.  During the winter they are walking on snow and the hooves wear very little.

I was ably assisted by Lasse, a high school exchange student from Germany, who is staying with Mik and Jeni.  Turns out that Lasse has worked on a large sheep farm in northern Germany for several years and knows all about sheep wrangling.  It was quite obvious that this wasn't the first time he had thrown a sheep on its rear.  The day before Lasse had taken first place in the 18 and under class of the 14k ski race at the Great Bear Chase.  It was only his third time on XC skis.  Way to go, Lasse!

Catching the sheep in a large open pen was a bit tricky.  Once they saw what was going on,  they didn't want any part of it.

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