Monday, November 26, 2012

Weighing Sheep - Thanksgiving 2012

Everything ready to go.

Jonathan tests the scale.  Unfortunately, right after the picture was taken, the knot slipped and the scale hit him on the head.

Daniel reties the rope.

Gunnar was a little suspicious of the proceedings and had to be coaxed with a handful of oats.

Our makeshift feedsack sling.


But all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't get Gunnar's front hooves off the ground.

Gwen holding Gunnar while we shorten the ropes.  Horned sheep are much easier to control because they come with convenient handles.

Finally, success!  Gunnar qualifies for the heavyweight series at 196 pounds!  As you can see, he's been home at mealtimes.

Baaaaah....the indignity of it all!  Nice fleece, Gunnar.

Johnny testing the ice.  Unfortunately it all melted by Thanksgiving.  No pond hockey this year.

Grandpa going to get his mail.  Not many 92 year olds ride mountain bikes.

Helga did not want to be weighed

Daniel and Gwen lifted the 2x4 from which the scale hung and we learned that sheep have plenty of traction when their front hooves find the ground.  Holding  a plank above your head when you're getting pulled sideways by a frantic sheep graphically demonstrates the instability of a high center of gravity and a long lever.

Time to shorten the harness and try again.  Helga came in at 126 pounds, Sonja 114 and  seven-month-old Vappu 110 - only 4 pounds less than her mother.  She's been home at mealtimes as well.
The table all set.

Johnny showing big bro how it's done on the pirunekeuhot.

Thanksgiving morning.  The girls getting moved to the winter pen where they were eagerly received by the boys.  That time of year...

Scrabble.  David and Deanna took the competition.

Black Friday, instant winter.  Mik and Jeni cut a little tree for their porch.

The winter war concluded with a victory for the deer.

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