Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall 2012

Maukku pointing out something to Johnny.

Eihan ne kapitaalistit tata saa.

Johnny bragging about his new broken arm.

Killin chickins.

First the scald....

George's Plucker works like magic.

You kinda get tired of pulling out chicken guts after a certain point.


The Regional XC Meet at the Kilpela Farm...

....involved some interesting weather.

We used the tractor to hang David's deer.  Although the temperature was in the 40's David had worked up a good sweat dragging the deer out of the woods and needed to remove a few layers.

David, the deer processor.  Thanks, Dave.  We're enjoying your venison very much.  Please shoot another one when you come up for rifle season.

The modern shepherd uses technology to move his flock.

Hey. that looks like good grass out there.

Go for it girls.

The annual Halloween Party - break the balloon game.  Johnny got smoked.

Snow that melts when it hits the ground,  just a reminder to get ready for the  real thing.

Moonshine.  The speck on the upper left is a star.

The weatherman predicted a sunny day, but it didn't arrive until just before sunset.

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