Thursday, June 21, 2012

Daniel's & Gwen's Big Day

Not many fathers get a new daughter for a Father's Day and birthday present.  I  did, one day early.  Welcome to the family, Gwen.  Congratulations, Daniel, you finally landed her.

Gwen wanted a picture with some evidence of Daniel's neo-hippy, homesteading roots, so we set them in front of the woodpile and the sheep netting.  Gwen has a strong dislike for woodticks, so she didn't want to get in the grass.  Would have made for an interesting wedding if she had noticed one on her person during the ceremony.  But ticks are part of life and when your kids start bringing them home they'll lose their power to inspire good drama.

The best way to take pictures is when someone else is taking pictures and your subjects are looking off camera. 
All dressed up and nowhere to go....

Somebody's laying it on pretty deep here.

It was a warm, humid day and the boys were lucky that Daniel didn't have them wear coats.

You need a wide church when the wedding party is this many.

Norman Rockwell's America



Proud parents

There's a lot of love in this picture.

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