Monday, June 4, 2012

Alkukesa - Summer Begins

Tall and trim with impressive horns, Helga is one beautiful ewe.

Gunnar's horns are curling out nicely.

Tuovi at the Wiitala farm.

Sauna and well house.

Evening sun.

The old granary, now a woodshed.

So many good memories at this place.  It's always a pleasure to visit.  You can hear the quiet and really see the stars in the evening.  Thank you Peter and Patty, for taking such good care of it.

Portable electric netting allows us to move the sheep onto fresh grass.  It keeps the sheep in and predators out.  Our dogs have touched it - but only one time each.

Marja wanted to get all the sheep together for a picture so she tapped on an empty bucket.  When they all stood there baa ing she felt guilty and got some oats for them.  All you need to do is walk past carrying any kind of container and the choir starts up.

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