Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Arrives

The last storm of February

David tries skijoring with two dogs

Jeni inspecting the greenhouse...

...Where the spinach is growing nicely

A sure sign of spring.  This year all three of our hives survived the winter.

Gunnar and Jeni having a little face time

Our snow melted in one week.

Even the dragonflies came out early

David and Jonathan made one last effort at skijoring

80 degrees in March,  my earliest sunburn ever.

Of course, the hot weather could not last, but cold weather is much better for working with a chainsaw.

Grandma enjoying her jello

This time of year I spend most of the evening outside.  There's plenty of work to do sawing wood, preparing gardens, etc., but the spring peepers are singing, there are geese at the pond and everywhere new grass is spring up.  Life is good.

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