Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Christ Mass 2011

Christmas Eve. Amanda, Jonathan, Samuel, Mikael & Jenifer practicing a number which they sang in church that night.

Marja picking spinach from our greenhouse. December spinach is sweet. Sugar is a leaf's natural antifreeze.

Following Finnish custom we have a big dinner on Christmas eve. We begin the dinner by reading the Christmas story from the gospel of Luke.

Grandpa, Gwen, Daniel and David. Gwen and Daniel plan to marry in June. Welcome to the clan, Gwen!

Lots of delicious food, need I say more?

Samanda checking out the presents under the tree.

Mik modeling the latest in Virginia fashion - a sauna suit. It dropped everyone's blood pressure I'm sure, as we could hardly stop laughing when he put it on.

The girls modelling their new post-sauna headwraps and towels.

What would Christmas be without joulpullaa? This along with stacks of cookies, cheese, puddings, chocolate, etc. provided us with plenty of fuel for outdooor activities.

Pond hockey was great. The low snowfall enabled us to skate on the pond during the entire week after Christmas.

Yours truly bought himself a new pair of skates and was on the winning side more often than not. On a short rink, the treachery of age can offset the athleticism of youth.

Deanna ready to go for a ski. We all skied on several occasions, but I neglected to take a camera to the trails.

Samamanda preparing to go skijoring with Savu and Heini. Amanda likes animals and really was taken with Heini, our girl dog.

Breakfast. We generally stayed up late and got up late, just like you should do when you're on vacation.

The girls playing scrabble with a retinue of onlookers and advisors.

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