Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Cold Snap

A frosty sunrise following a clear night.

Winter seems to be getting a late start this year, but this morning it appeared to be gaining a foothold.

The pond was covered with a thick layer of frost crystals that resembled a blanket of moss.

Delicate frost flowers grew an inch or more from the ice. It would be interesting to watch them grow, but that would require lying on the ice overnight with the temperature hovering near zero. Maybe a webcam would be a better idea?

Jonathan took advantage of the cold weather to flood the ice, first chopping a hole...

...and then bailing with a bucket.

Something about this picture should tell you that by evening the following day the temperature has risen to almost 40 degrees again. This is not the kind of sunset you see on a cold day.

Of course, the sheep were more interested in their hay feeder than in watching the sun set.

But Gunnar approached me to see what I was doing with the camera. He seems to be settling back down to his old laid back ways and hasn't shown much desire to butt me lately.

The ice on the pond is remarkably smooth, almost like a mirror.

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