Wednesday, November 16, 2011


November is a month of abrupt changes. An autumn evening...

...can be followed by a winter morning.

De-worming Sigrid. We enticed the ewes into the pen with a fork of hay. The books recommend de-worming sheep right at the beginning of winter since the eggs cannot survive the cold.

Gunnar getting his syringeful of Ivermectin. His horns make good handles.

The first snow has melted. Grandpa making his daily visit with the sheep and dogs.

The apples on this tree are still very firm and quite tart, despite numerous frosts. I suspect they will keep a long time in the basement.

We have begun feeding hay to the sheep. In another week we will put the ewes in the winter pen with Gunnar and let nature take its course.

Much to my pleasant surprise, the sheep eat hay like it was candy. I admire an animal that can live on grass.

Off in pursuit of the fleet-footed hind. I've seen a lot of does so far, but no horns.

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