Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2, Otter Lake

A calm, warm afternoon - perfect for a paddle.

Carl and Chris joined us for trip around Otter Lake.

The Sturgeon river once emptied into Otter Lake near its north end. It flowed out of the lake about a half mile from where it came in. However, when the land along the river upstream was logged and cleared for farming, heavy erosion threatened to fill the lake with silt. To prevent this, the state cut a bypass around the lake and dammed up the old inlet. Now the the old river channel is a dead water slough.

The fall colors were about a week from their peak, but no one complained.

Warm October sunshine brings out turtles. We saw dozens and hear many more plop into the water as we passed.

Going up the slough was a relaxing paddle....

But things got kinda weird when we headed back down...

Didn't I just see you guys going the other way?

The fly in the ointment. After paddling 2/3 around the lake we were ready for a shore break, a chance to sit in the sun and have a picnic. We decided to land at a grassy spot at the right edge of the picture. After we had beached the canoes and gotten seated on our folding seats we became aware of a distinct aroma reminiscent of a fish that has spent too many days out of the water. Further investigation revealed a black greasy mass of questionable antecedents, which although unknown, strongly suggested a close association to the lower bowels of a large fish eating mammal. But since the brush was very heavy and no one felt strongly enough to relocate, we simply shifted our seats away from the subject at hand and enjoyed our picnic. It is only fair to relate this to you dear reader, lest finding yourself in a less idyllic situation, you may begin to feel that life has dealt unfairly with you and that you are always left holding the sh*tty end of the stick. Please rest assured that that stick has a broad reach and even those you are tempted to envy are familiar with its slippery handle.

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