Thursday, October 13, 2011


Moving the Mik's and Jeni's new freezer into the basement. We had less than an inch to spare.

An October sunrise. I was laid up at home with a swollen knee. Seems like you notice things like this better when you're mobility is limited.

Meat birds soon to be turned into freezer birds.

Fishing for steelhead near the mouth of the Elm. Skunked again.

Gunnar in his new moveable pen. We need to keep him separated from the ewes until late November so we don't have lambs in February.

One of the largest of our 23 pumpkins.


It's still summer in the greenhouse however.

Jonathn took top ten in the UP collegiate XC race at Marquette.

An autumn ritual - hauling firewood with the tractor to the back of the house where we throw it down a chute into the basement. After a week of unseasonable warm windy weather, the wood was nice and dry.

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