Sunday, September 25, 2011

September Sunshine

Once you have passed the equinox, you begin to appreciate sunshine in a different way, especially when it follows a string of cold, cloudy days. Gold is the predominant color of the flowers of this season, giving a sunlit field an intense, vibrant beauty.

Sheep apparently do not share this sentiment; they still head for the shade.

Sunflowers revel in the sunshine.

Bumble bees gather the last nectar of the season.

Tansies glow.

Baaa, humbug, says Gunnar, sunshine is too warm.

Pumpkins will soon turn orange.

Rutabagas seem to grow faster as the days grow cooler and shorter.

Blackberry bushes turn crimson.

As do apples.

Chickens prefer shade, but come out for corn.

Honeybees come out in force, drawn by the sweet nectar of September.

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