Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fence Posts

Our sheep are scheduled to arrive in two weeks, and I want to have a permanent woven wire fence ready for them. I borrowed a post hole digger from a friend, and after laying out the fenceline started drilling holes for the posts.

The 12" auger was larger than I really needed, but it did a nice job.

Of course there were times I had to reach for the old reliable hand-operated posthole digger when I encountered a large rock or hardpan. The temperature on this day approached 90 and the humidity was very high. I put in a long day, but during the afternoon I took a few breaks to jump in the pond to cool off.

When you have to dig holes for almost 40 posts, you appreciate a digger powered by a power takeoff, not your arms and shoulders. There was plenty of that even with the digger. The sand had to be pushed back into the holes around the posts and tamped down with 2x2.

All that remains is to install diagonal braces against the corner posts, and then unroll, stretch and attach the wire fencing.

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