Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vappu - May Day

The foundation of our future sheepshed/hayshed. Sheep don't need much shelter, but if you're going to feed them hay over the winter it has to be under a roof.

Our frog pond. We dam up the culvert under our driveway to create a temporary pond for the spring peepers. Thus far however it has been so cold that they haven't been singing that often.

Mallards have taken advantage of it however.

Our permanent pond is filled to the brim this spring.

We've had as many as seven geese at the pond at one time, but none have nested on the island yet.

Surprisingly you can approach them quite close if you're sitting on a tractor. Last week I hooked up my new disk harrow and tilled some of our gardens. Seeing what a disk can do for the first time really puts a smile on your face. I suspect I'm going to have to find more things to plant.

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