Sunday, January 9, 2011


What's happening inside the house?

Shearing Day!

Three bags full.


...and after a heavy snowfall.

Lights from our Christmas Tree reflected in the window.

Grandpa blowing out his driveway during. Ninety years old and still loves to fight old man winter. Although this looks like a snowstorm, the sun was shining only a few miles away. Lake effect snow is very local. If the copper veins had been located along the shores of the Keweenaw Peninsula, instead of along its high spine, nobody would have ever built these mining towns, or any other kind of town for that matter in the snowbelt. The Indians knew better, they lived along the lakeshore.

I've gotta admit that blowing snow can be fun when the blower is on the front of your tractor. Wrestling with a walk-behind blower is misery.

David's cabin

This winter I got my snowplow back into operation and use it to plow light snowfalls. When the banks get big, I just blow them away with the blower.

The greenhouse is now the white house.

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