Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pond Hockey

Pond hockey is arguably the purest form of hockey. It is generally uncorrupted by rules, excessive equipment, indoor machine-groomed ice, referees, etc.

Mother nature plays an important role, however, in determining the smoothness and size of the ice surface available to play on. Generally, this is about as much as you care to shovel off on an ongoing basis.

The advantage of a small rink quickly become apparent as it allows you to get up and down the ice without become winded after a single rush.

Competition plays a part, but laughter and good humor play a larger part. You can't take hockey too seriously when your skate is likely to fall into a deep rut and your goal is a five gallon pail lying on its side.

Still everyone tries their best.

Since there are no lines, camping out in front of the goal is a common strategy.

Generally more attention is paid to offense than defense, and most goals are scored on breakaways caused by having no one left back.

Even on a breakaway, putting the puck inside a pail is no sure thing.

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