Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas eve dinner

It's hard not to overload your plate.

Grandma & Grandpa


Short track speed skating oval.

Mik burning through the final turn.

Straw in the doghouse, warm sunshine, does life get any better?

Pond hockey at its finest.

Dangerous Dan, also recipient of the the most spectacular speed skating award on the legendary "Death Course"

Fast and furious action on the rink...

...drew spectators from far and near.

In the more demanding form of pond hockey, nets are dispensed with. Instead, one must hit the bucket with the puck, a far more difficult target.

The path to the henhouse...

Where the cock-of-the-walk presides
...and keeps the hens on task.
Jeni quickly discovered that a down jacket gets a little warm for snowshoing on a sunny day.

Between skiing, skating, hockey, etc. copious amounts of coffee and coffee breads, cookies, etc. were consumed.

Jeni outfitted with her new librarian glasses and bookbag
Burning the midnight oil (candles).

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