Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Snow

November is a month of last-minute tasks to get ready for winter. Jonathan and David hauled several loads of firewood into the woodshed of Grandpa's sauna.

The dogs now have their thick undercoats and are ready for for snow. Cold weather energizes them.

The first snowfall is beautiful, as are all snowfalls. It is easiest however to see the beauty of first one. At some point, they inevitably lose their appeal.

Dogs regard all seasons with great equanimity. We could learn from them.

The cab on the tractor is a work in progress. Once it is complete, blowing snow on windy days should be much more comfortable.

The garden awaits spring, but spring will come into the greenhouse whenever the sun shines.

After possibly the last long ride of the season. My rear derailleur doesn't shift, my feet are wet and cold, and I never would have gone for a ride today if some riding buddies hadn't suckered me into it. Cold and wet notwithstanding, it was a great ride.

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