Sunday, November 7, 2010

Late Fall


The winter greenhouse. We planted these raised beds of spinache, chard, kale and lettuce in August. Once the tomatoes were finished, we picked up the greenhouse and placed it over these.

Signs of approaching winter - yellow tamaracks and a dark sky.

Halloween. The notorious Clyde Barrow planning his next bank job while waiting for Bonnie to arrive.

...while his brother Jonathan prepares pumpkins for pie..,
...and peels apples for apple pies.

The gales of November come early...

...but the snow has not come early enough for this weasel. The month of November is a dangerous time for weasels and snowshoe hares. Their coats turn white, which make them stand out. Conversely, it's a good time to be a great-horned owl, fox or coyote or some other critter that might appreciate an easily-seen meal.

It's also a good time to hunt for cranberries on a sphagnum bog.

...and loaf on a warm afternoon...

..and study the shadows playing on the trunks of tall white pines...

...and admire pitcher plants...

...and bring home a gallon or so of cranberries for the Thanksgiving meal.

Warm days in November are treasures, for each one could be the last one.

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