Sunday, October 10, 2010

Porcupine Mountain State Park

Lake of the Clouds. I hate to say this, but this picture is a fake. This place is not the pristine wilderness you see in this picture. You drive your car to within a hundred yards of the summit and walk on a boardwalk the rest of the way with dozens of other tourists. You would have to jump over a high rail before you ever had a chance of falling off the cliff. I understand the rationale of making places like this accessible to everyone, but something in me says that the nearest road should end at least five miles away. It would take a real effort and a good part of your day to see this place, but it would be worth it.

The trees are real, though. There are many huge, old growth trees in the park.

Waterfalls on the Presque Isle River.

If you made it this far in a canoe, right here is where you should get off the river and portage.

I suppose an expert could shoot these, but experts have been known to drown too. White water is no respecter of titles.

Calm, warm days in October are especially sweet, because it is just as likely to snow.

Gazing at an old friend - Lake Superior. No matter where I am along its shore, it feels like home.

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