Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Trimountain Mine

The ruins of the compressor house near Shaft #1, built mostly with mine rock, with brick arches and sandstone corners.

The southernmost of the Trimountain shafts, this site is entirely overgrown by forest. Nearby is a concrete dam, boilerhouse and concrete steam tunnels.

Corners of finished sanstone frame walls of irregular mine rock.

The view from the rockpile near the #2 shaft. Rails were laid on top of the pile so that the poor rock could be pushed further. This resulted in a fanlike series of piles laying adjacent to each other. So far the pile is intact, unlike the poor rock piles near the #3 and #4 shafts which are rapidly being crushed into gravel and hauled off by the Houghton County Road Commission. It would be good if at least one of these old poor rock piles were preserved intact for posterity - as a monument to the men who risked their lives 3000 feet underground to mine the copper it contained.
Green rock, copper oxide.

The smokestack of the boilerhouse serving shafts #3 and #4. Because these ruins lie just over the hill from Trimountain, none of it is visible within the village itself.

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