Saturday, September 4, 2010


The beginning of another rocking chair, perhaps. I saved a few logs from the firewood pile to saw up into 2" thick slabs, using my alaskan chainsaw mill. Even with a specially ground ripping chain, the wide kerf of a chainsaw makes for slow going. You wouldn't want to do this for a living. Still, it's an inexpensive way to get wide planks of nicely figured wood.

A slab of yellow birch. I stack the planks in our basement and allow them to slowly dry. In a year or two they'll be ready to use for furniture. One of the logs that I sawed before this one was dramatically spalted with dark lines running along the grain. You can create spalted wood very easily - just stand a short long on end on damp ground for a few months.

Several years ago I planted about a dozen smallmouth bass in our pond, ranging from 6-10 inches. Now there are at least a hundred, including some good sized lunkers. Jeni and Mik tried their luck...

..and Jeni won the fishing derby with this pair, 16 & 17 inches.

Diamonds are forever.

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