Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Frosty Morning

The sunrise shining through the maple leaves painted dramatic patterns in the mist.

The three raised beds in the foreground contain spinache, chard, kale and lettuce - frost hardy greens that sweeten in cold. In a few weeks we will move the greenhouse over these beds. But there's no hurry - as long as the tomatoes and peppers continue ripening inside the greenhouse, it can stay where it is.

Frost on the pumpkin. We have a ridiculous amount of pumpkins this year.

Frost on the kale.

There is something magical about a frosty morning in September. You need a clear sky with no wind for frost at this time of year. Hence the morning dawns still and clear, and a heavy mist boils out of our pond and covers the landscape.

Savu finishing up on of the 8 chickens we slaughtered the day before. All three dogs ate entrails, feet and feathers until they were stuffed like sausages. In case this is making you feel a little queasy, stop and think - what do you think dog food, or for that matter, sausage is really made of?

Whitman's poem, leaves of grass.

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