Friday, May 7, 2010

Vappu - Mayday

Low flying cumulus clouds on a sunny, brisk day - the type of weather common in Finland. The flag of Finland is a sky blue cross on a white backround.

David peeling spruce logs. If you don't get the bark off early, the logs will quickly become infested with the larvae of wood boring beetles. We are thinking to use these logs to build a primitive savusauna (smoke sauna).
Savu showed up to help also.
David first makes a long incision with a sharp ax and then peels the bark away with a small pry bar.

Savu "skinning" his prey

Niinkuin taivas ja hanki Suomen, ovat varisi puhtahat...

Marja and I drove to Brockway Mountain to watch the hawk migration, but the wind had turned to the north by the time we got there and all we saw were a few turkey vultures. According to some observers, the sky had been full of hawks a few hours earlier.


  1. great post
    did you ever build the smoke sauna?

    1. That sounds like a great retirement project. Are there any working smoke saunas in your area?