Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Planting

Our greenhouse gave us a big headstart on tomatoes this year. We started them indoors and transferred them out into the greenhouse a few week ago. Some are already flowering. They are supported with plastic clips attached to nylon string. If all goes well the vines can grow about seven feet up. We planted a random mixture of heirloom strains, both cherry and full size. If they all bear fruit we are going to have more tomatoes than we can deal with.

We also transplanted green pepper starts, as well as a few cucumber and watermelon seeds.

Jonathan planting potatoes. The tipis behind him are supports for pole beans, which are planted around the base of the pyramids. The spinach and swiss chard in the foreground were planted last November and survived the winter under the greenhouse, which was moved to its new location this spring.

Besides potatoes and beans, we planted corn, pumpkins, onions, carrots, radishes in the big garden.

Potatoes have to be the easiest crop to plant. Also, since they produce such bushy plants, they require very little weeding.

Our backyard rubarb is ready for harvesting.

Marja preparing seedbeds in our backyard garden. The dark soil is from our compost pit.

In the backyard we planted most of our greens - cabbage, chard, spinach, kale and lettuce.


  1. Nice work! You'll have enough food to feed all of Atlantic Mine! All you need is a veggie stand.

  2. Oh, us boys (and our new wives) will be eating enough of the fresh produce this summer that there may not be much left over. . .