Thursday, April 8, 2010


There's something about a rising full moon, especially in the spring, that excites me.

April 2. The ice had just melted from our pond and the water was frigid. The air temperature was around 70 and I had just come from a very muddy mountain bike ride and wanted to rinse off some of the mud. I didn't stay in the water very long, however.

Kalevi and Amanda. She and Sam joined us for Easter. I sensed it was a bittersweet moment for Amanda to see Kalevi again, but not Veikko.

The gang getting ready to go for a run with the pups.

Amanda had turned 22 a few days earlier, but we celebrated her birthday for a couple of days - at least until the cake ran out.

Sam trying out our new kick scooter. You can attain a fairly high speed with one dog if you are going downhill and the dog is chasing deer. I hope to begin harness training the pups in tandem with Kalevi soon.
Easter Sunday after church, everyone dressed up, time for a group photo. Jeni and Mik were unable to join us, but maybe next summer we'll get everyone together for another try.
The second annual shovel-out-the-chicken coop. When I mentioned to a co-worker at the office that I had a real chickensh*t job at home to attend to, he laughed and said, "What else is new, it's just like your day job!" I guess there are some similarities when I think about it.

I made quite a heap of the litter, but it was so dry that I had to douse it with over 50 gallons of water. I plan to let it compost for a few more weeks before I till it into the garden.

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