Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Skiing

Finally, after a long thaw - some hard crust to skate on.

Before sunrise, the surface is so hard that setting an edge is difficult. The skiing is best after the sun has been up for about an hour. The surface softens just enough so that your skis edge well and you feel in total control. But after an hour or two later, it is too soft to ski on. You have to catch it when its good.

This year the Great Bear Chase was almost washed out. A two week thaw was followed by a heavy rain, creating a small lake at the bottom of the sledding hill. They might as well have run the course through it - the snow was so wet that everyone's feet were soaked.

Karl W. led out the pack in the 44k, but eventually finished 2nd.

Back from serving in Iraq, Eric H did the long race also.

Mik finishing strong in the classic. No teddy bear this time. His klister was loaded with pine needles.

Jonathan (behind the guy in the red) going up the hill in the 22k skate.

Finishing strong in a drizzle.
Jeni rang her cowbell with enthusiasm but was glad to have a warm coat. There was a raw, damp wind coming out of the east at the finish line.

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