Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Ski to Rockhouse Point

The shore ice extends about a hundred yards out, but then open water.

The skiing was excellent. On past trips we often had to deal with more ice, wind driven sand, etc.

The ice banks had very little snow on them so climbing them was a bit tricky.

Nothing so beautiful as wet Lake Superior stones, even in winter.

This tree isn't going to last many more years.

The beauty of small details...

The sun tried to pierce the snow fog...

Consider for a moment that you are standing here. Suppose you foolishly stepped to the very top of this ice ridge, the tipping point, to get a better picture. Suppose at that moment your foot slipped. The water is ten feet below, and the ice cliff is undercut. Or suppose the place you are standing is more severely undercut and ready break off and topple into that dark, frigid water. These were some of the thoughts that passed through my mind as I stood here, on the shore side of the tipping point.

This counts for a sunny day in the Copper Country in the winter.

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