Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Pups

Savu and Heini, male and female Siberian Husky pups. Their bloodlines are about half "Seppala Siberian" from the famous musher Leonard Seppala, who originally imported huskies from Siberia to Alaska. Nowadays pureblood Siberians have been largely displaced in dogsled racing by the leaner and faster"Alaskan husky", which has been developed for a single purpose - racing in the modern world. The Siberian, on the other hand, was bred by "primitive people" to work and thrive in some of the most challenging conditions on earth.

Savu's left eye is half brown, which gives him a cross-eyed and somewhat befuddled appearance. Heini, on the other hand, always seems to be on top of things. There may be some truth to these first impressions. Heini, at least, seems to dominate her slightly larger brother at the food bowl. He is heavier, but she is quicker. Also, the natural inhibition of male dogs to attack females likely plays a role.

Siberians have a luxuriously soft and thick winter coat, compact bodies, and insatiable curiosity.

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