Saturday, February 20, 2010

February Sunshine

A frosty morning after a clear night and a skyfull of stars

The branches of the trees are covered with frost

Grandpa fired up his sauna stove by eight o'clock
A blue jay about to fly down to feed at the pups' bowl of dogfood. Our bluejays are well provided for.
It was just too nice a day to stay at work. I bailed out at noon and we went skiing to Swedetown.

And look who we ran into on the trail, Mr. Yoko himself, Gary N. It's always fun to meet Gary on the trails because he is always good for a few memorable quotes. A Copper Country original.
30 degrees, but the kick was good and the glide excellent.

A Valentine's Day boquette, made by David and Deanna

David downloaded some arial photos of Normandy where grandpa cleared minefields and helped build airstrips right at the the invasion in 1944. Grandpa remembered it all.

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