Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 2010

After a cold, snowy December, January was mild.

It even got too warm for the pups to sleep in their house.

Inside the greenhouse...

The spinach I planted on November 14 has sprouted...

The Swiss chard has held its own and even shows a bit of new growth.

Our winter garden.

The chickens are much happier now that we only have one rooster.

And have been laying about 8-10 eggs a day.

The pups, of course are growning much faster than anything else.

David bottling sima, a Finnish soft drink.

David and Jonathan were inspired to make Karjalan piirakoita.

Jonathan and Kalevi at the start of a 13k skijoring race. He started well...

...but ran out of gas. The temperature was above 40, and Kalevi overheated and totally bonked. He rolled in the snow and let the other dogs pass him. He was racing in the two dog race, and most of the other dogs belonged to a local musher who is a serious dogsled racer. He had three two-dog teams in the race.