Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Arrives

December 6, Suomen Itsenaisyyspaiva - Finland's Independence Day.

Lake effect snow. I hadn't checked my plow and found that the controls didn't work. It was stuck in one position. Fortunately, that was two inches off the ground and slightly angled, so I was able to plow. Afterwards I cleaned up the banks with our new tractor-mounted snowgo. Unfortunately, I picked up some gravel and broke a shear pin. Of course, I didn't have a spare. When all else fails, however, the old trusty snow scoop will never let you down.

It's the most beautiful when it stops and you see a patch of sky. When it's coming down at the rate of 2"/hour it's dark and claustrophobic.

Even the power line in th backround was covered with fluffy snow.

Daniel came up for the weekend and we had a second Thanksgiving dinner, this time with home grown chicken instead of industrially grown turkey.

It got even deeper overnight.

The boys after a slog on snowshoes through deep powder. Earlier David had taken both dogs for the first skidog of the year. Said they pulled excellently.

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