Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

Lake Effect Snow

Savu, which means smoke in Finnish, has 1-1/2 blue eyes.

Marja's Christmas pullaa rising in front of the parlor stove.

Let it snow. A John Deere brings out the kid in the sandbox in all of us.

Daniel arrived in the early morning and carelessly threw his snowshoes on the ground, just before the big snowfall began. I didn't see them until pieces of them started flying out the chute of the snowgo.

Christmas Eve Dinner with traditional Finnish foods.

Followed by coffee, cake, cookies and pullaa.

Daniel and Gwen listening attentively while Grandpa makes an observation about the current administration.

Riisipuro ja sekahedelmasoppaa - our traditional Christmas morning breakfast, before opening presents.

Santa left quite a load under the tree.

Jonathan was a bit slow this morning.

Opening presents.

I got a genuine pair of insulated Carhartt overalls to wear while snowblowing. Sadly Surplus Outlet burned down the next day.

Mik and Jeni testing out their new camping chairs.
Jeni and Jonathan playing a board game with holes and rocks. Go figure.

Deanna brought here nieces and nephews to see the new pup.

One pup wasn't enough, so we got two. Heini (Hay-nee) is a beautiful sweet little girl dog who can hold her own in a tussle with brother Savu.

We set up a small pen for the pups next to our kitchen window so they can watch us while we're watching them.

Several times a day they are admitted into the house for some fun and games - and rawhide chews. Their are supposed to be pureblood Siberian huskies, but their mother and father had a lean racing look. I think they're going to have plenty of speed when they grow up.

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